Welcome to the original "Rebel Capitol"

Located in the heart of Old City Philadelphia, roughly 241 years after our forefathers signed their "Declaration of Independence", we still symbolically toll the bell of liberty, although it is for somewhat different reasons...

   ...Mind you, being the creative Americans we are, we must mention that in no way do we believe that our cry for freedom is any more important than our great American forefather's original cry for freedom. In fact, we are only stating that we applaud them for what they did for all of us and, quite frankly, there is no better symbol for freedom (at least none that we could think of).

So, with that said, although our fight may be somewhat different and our cause much smaller in actual size, we still have our beliefs firmly in place as they did when they put pen to paper and rang their own bell for freedom. Right here in Philadelphia, the "Rebel Capitol".

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Independence Hall

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