At Rebel Capitol Designs, we value our clients both past and present. In turn, our clients value the hard work and dedicated attention to detail that we give not only to them but to their products as well.

It is with extreme importance that we get to know our clients and the business that they are in. To visit them in action when need be; to see how they address their customer's needs and how they differ from their competition. We find this to be the only way to understand what is best for every project.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a service that is more than just a design, more than just a functional entity; like that of a fine tailored suit. It should be one that looks great but feels even better. One that fits their every move.

Below is a list of some of our past clients and to the right are screen captures of some of our current clients. Clicking on these will take you to a showcase of the work that we did for them.

Past Clients

• Market Share Movers

• Almar Radiologists
• Jaquette Consulting
• Center City Magazine
• Blue Line Stereo
• Glyphix Music Magazine

• Lovely Perfumes and Oils

• Outlet
• PA State Society of American Medical Technologists

• Raven Consulting, Inc.

• Smoker's Choice

• Law of Attraction Teacher

• Law Office of David M. Sturman

Showcase Clients

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Celtic Son

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Chic Afrique Herbals

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Dalasio Designs

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Hiyaground Sound

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Universal Arts, Inc.

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