Be always ashamed to catch thyself idle.
-Benjamin Franklin

The "most famous American of his time" not only said these words, he lived by them! Moving to Philadelphia at the age of seventeen, Benjamin Franklin found work as a printer's apprentice while socializing and networking his way into owning his own printing establishment that allowed him to voice the opinion of his fellow Americans. Through his strong work ethics and understanding of what was going on around him, his business prospered. This gave him the liberty to sell his business and retire early, but as we all know today, that was just the beginning...

Although Ben Franklin is not our only inspiration, he is definitely one of the biggest examples of the American dream (He helped define it!) and we, at Rebel Capitol Designs, believe that if Benjamin were living among us today he would still be trying to find new ways to better the world around him. Not just for himself but for all mankind.

He gave us our very first Public Library, Post Office and Fire Department, as well as inventing the lightning rod, odometer and the Franklin stove. Later he dove into politics and became one of the "select few" statesmen involved in the forging of a new democracy.

Was there anything this man could not do? Or should we say, as he himself would say, "There is nothing that WE cannot do!" With this positive attitude and outstanding mind set Rebel Capitol Designs believe's that we too can change the world around us!

One inspiration at a time.
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