I recommend 5-pointed Stars.
-Betsy (Elizabeth Claypoole) Ross

   These words may be what Betsy said or maybe not, some believe it is all just a rumour, but when we look back at a few key factors, we believe she deserves this honor...
...Here's why...

   Let's say this "Secret" Congressional Commitee, headed by George Washington, sought out the making of a new "American" flag that would boost morale among his soldiers in the Revolutionary War, shall we? (That's not too hard to believe, right?) And on this committee there was another man by the name of George Ross, who was an uncle to Betsy's late husband John. (Another important facter, not hard to believe, right?) Also, General Washington already knew Betsy; he was a fellow church-goer (Martha and George just sat a pew away from Betsy at Christ Church.) and a loyal customer of her tailoring services. (Betsy's shop created the ruffles on the shirts he wore.) So why do some historian's believe this story is not true?
   Would it be because there is no record of a receipt?

   Well, let's just say that all good little businesses do plenty of pro-bono work. Enough said. Not everything warrants a receipt (At least, not back then).

    So maybe General Washington did happen to duck into Betsy's little upholstery shop to present George Ross a pencil-sketched idea for his "American" flag. Why not? Maybe the both of them immediately turned to each other and said in unison "Let's show this to Betsy!" And just maybe the impression of a five pointed star being created in one scissor snip really did sway their opinion to go with Betsy for the original design. Regardless how we see it, It was all entirely possible none-the-less. So why doesn't everyone believe that this story is true?!

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